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Tidy Maids Home Cleaning Service

Tidy Maids Home Cleaning Service

Tidy Maids Home Cleaning Service

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Tidy Maids-Luxury and Affordable Maid Cleaning Home Services in XYZ, Michigan

The LAST thing you want to do is come home after work, from school or picking up a bunch of energetic kids, to a dirty, unkempt environment. It makes sleeping, moving, eating and enjoying your space that much more uncomfortable.

At Tidy Maids we’re here to give you “peace of mind”. There can be no peace when your house is not in order. Isn’t it time you come home to a clean, fresh-smelling house, or be welcomed every morning to a sparkling work desk?

Allow our 10+ years of cleaning expertise remove the stress and anxiety of a cluttered property from your life today.

Whether you’re in a residence, in an apartment, condo, home, or office space, our professionals are here to give your space…

…a brand new face!

Top Deep Cleaning Domestic Crew Services

House Cleaning Services

Life’s too short to be cleaning your own home. Our professional house cleaners come prepared with all the tools and supplies necessary to make your home *sparkle* and get the job done as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We use a proven system that gets every nook and cranny without missing a beat.
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clean bedroom Home Apartment

Apartment, Condo and Flat Cleaning Services

Our apartment, condo and flat cleaners are here to give you – the busy professional, caretaker, mother or father – peace of mind knowing your space is meticulously cleaned on a regular basis. One of the main benefits is it gives your apartment an easier “end of lease” process and full return of security deposit.

Window Washing Services

Dirty, nasty windows are unappealing and noticeable. The entire home can be spotless, but spotted and dusty windows can ruin your homes first impression. Most people choose professional window cleaning as an add on to their regular service to bring more light into the room.
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Oven Cleaning Services

If you’re preparing to host a large family meal over the holidays, you’ll need every inch of your kitchen — *especially* the oven – to be sanitized professionally and ready for action!

When you choose Tidy Maids for this additional service, we scrub every inch, inside and out, to perfection. We even remove oven racks to clean separately.

Refrigerator Cleaning Services

It’s inevitable that liquids tip over inside the fridge, and chunks of veggies and meat get lodged into the corners and cracks somehow. When allowed to sit too long, mold and other harmful bacteria starts to grow and infect the health of your family.

Don’t let this happen to you and your loved ones. Let our professional housekeepers take care of your fridge as a cleaning option.

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corporate office

Office and Corporate Cleaning Services

Using our office cleaning service is not only cost-efficient but it results in a pristine office for setting the best first impression in business while giving you the time, space and energy to focus on doing what’s most important – increasing the bottom line.
Our Detailed Routine Cleaning Frequency Plan
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At Tidy Maids we design our cleaning services to fit your desired frequency and budget. We also accommodate for special requests such as “give a little more attention to the pet room area”, “Don’t worry about the laundry room area as it’s being remodeled” or “The books and bookshelf needs just a simple dusting”, etc.
We design our cleaning packages to reflect client preferences because our flexibility allows our services to fit virtually any sized budget – big or small.
Scheduled cleaning services include monthly, bi-weekly and weekly, though most clients choose either weekly or bi-weekly services. Contact us today for more information.

We're The ONLY Cleaning Company Using 100% Environmentally Friendly Natural Products

Your home is OUR home. We care about it, it’s environment and everyone – yourself included – living in it. That’s why our cleaning maids practice eco-friendly cleaning using cutting edge natural products such as Method and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day.

Unlike other harmful chemicals our competition uses to clean property, our eco-friendly products don’t harm or pollute the environment. They’re non-toxic and safe to use in your home around your kids and pets. Plus, they don’t emit toxic odors and fumes.

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Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

***Best Cheap House Cleaning Services***

If for whatever reason you’re unhappy with any aspect of our professional cleaning service, contact us IMMEDIATELY and we’ll re-visit your property to clean any areas that didn’t meet your standards.

We would never ask a client to ‘live with our mistake’; if any. We take full responsibility in any human errors and seek to rectify any problem as fast as possible.

Don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll work to earn your total satisfaction.

Why Hire Tidy Maids For
The BEST Local Property Cleaning Services?

If you’re starving for time in-between long work weeks, children in the household running you *mad*, and finding time yourself to just *BREATH*, hiring our maid cleaning service provides a reliable, consistent and affordable solution to “declutter” your living or working environment giving you peace of mind.

The reality is, most clients who hire us do so out of necessity, not luxury. Left with few options, they’re left with the BEST OPTION — Tidy Maids.

We arrive on time where expected, customize our services to your individual needs and follow-up with you afterwards to ensure your satisfied 100%


“I feel like I can always count on Tidy Maids Home Cleaning Service. Not only do I personally use their services, I plead with family and friends to use their services, too (they could REALLY use a good cleaning!). Their cleaning exceeds expectations, and the complimentary touches were thoughtful. As a busy professional I lack time – and patience – to do myself. Their “home” savers.”

— Robert L.

“Tidy Maids has been servicing my home for a year and half now. Not ONCE in all of the weekly cleanings have they slacked. They clean my house as if it was the very first cleaning. I just LOVE coming home to a spotless, fresh smelling home (so does my husband). Looking for a top-notch cleaning service? Call them TODAY!”

— Kristina K.

“Just had to drop you a line to say how darn impressed my husband and I are with your Friday morning cleaning. When family and friends ask us how we get our place so ‘spotless’, we’re almost hesitant to give up your contact information because we want to keep our ladies selfishly to ourselves!”

— Rachel K.

“Initially I was hesitant to consider ANY other cleaning service after a little ‘fiasco’ I had to deal with just a few weeks prior (one of the cleaners, apparently, likes taking things that don’t belong to her), but they say that people who stop digging just a few feet short of the goal and turn back will never know what they lost. Thank Goodness I kept digging and found Tidy Maids Home Cleaning Service!”

–Christopher J.

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